Lifestyle Changes to Do to Prevent Getting Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins can make your legs look terrible. After so many years of taking good care of them by putting on moisturizing lotion after every bath, you will truly feel betrayed if one day you will realize that you have bulging, purple veins. Before it is too late, you must learn how to prevent getting varicose veins by following some lifestyle changes.

Do avoid crossing your legs as you sit.

As much as you can, never cross your legs as you sit. This may prevent the continuous flow of blood in the affected area.

Do wear comfortable clothes and even undies.

You may want to look shapely but tight-fitting clothes are not the way to do it. They make your legs and arms feel uncomfortable. Worse, they restrict the circulation of blood thereby causing varicose veins. The same goes for using fitted undergarments.

Do watch your weight.

Another way to prevent getting varicose veins is keeping your body in its ideal weight. Getting heavier, even by a few pounds, places pressure on your legs that therefore causes varicose veins. Be careful with your food choices as well. Make sure that your salt intake is just enough and that you get lots of fiber each day. If not, your legs may suffer from water retention and later on, swelling.

Do exercise regularly.

Workout routines enhance blood flow so it is best to perform these at least 30 minutes every day. If you are the type of person who is lazy – or busy – to exercise on a regular basis, you may consider doing simple exercises, such as walking, jogging and running. Perform anything that you like best so it is possible for you to stick to your daily workout regimen.

Do wear flat or low-heeled shoes.

High-heeled shoes put too much strain on your legs and ankles so it is not surprising if one day varicose veins appear in these parts of your body. But will you wait for them to make an appearance or will you rather wear flat shoes to stop them from making your legs look unsightly and worse, from giving you varicose vein-related disease? As much as possible, forget about wearing high-heeled shoes. In case you will need to use one for a business meeting or a formal party, you may look for low-heeled shoes.

Raise your legs when resting.

After a day’s work, it is time to give your legs the rest they deserve. Do not just sit or lie down. Elevate your legs by placing a couple of pillows underneath your legs. Make sure that it is above the level of your heart. This allows better circulation of blood to the veins in your legs.

The items above are some of the lifestyle changes that you have to adhere to in order to prevent getting varicose veins. Surely, you are surprised to know that they are too easy to follow. They will not cost you anything. They are remedies that should come from transforming your way of living.