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If you have reviewed our website, and believe that you need help understanding your insurance coverage, you have come to the right place! At the Center for Venous Disease (CVD) we know and understand what you are going through, and how to get the right treatment for you.  This is due to our insurance experts who are hired, trained, and supervised to get you the answers you deserve.

The Center for Venous Disease is your insurance advocate!

At our medical offices and at our corporate office, we spend close to 50% of our time interacting with insurance companies on your behalf to obtain pre-authorizations and pre-determinations for our patients so that we can ensure that best treatment plans.  In the eyes of the insurance company, you are ultimately, and financially, responsible for any services that you receive. Selecting a qualified doctor who understands insurance requirements, and follows them, makes it much less likely that you will be billed directly for the services.   This is why it is critical that you are treated by a doctor who understand the ins and outs of the insurance companies, and follows the requirements set in place by your insurance company.

Don’t be “fooled” by misleading information related to Total Vein Care

There are many doctors out there that do NOT follow the insurance requirements (conservative therapy, FDA approved technology, non-experimental, etc.,) and lure you into their practice by promising great results, and full insurance coverage, only to leave you with the responsibility of paying the bills and less than stellar results.  Every doctor at every office has the same “insurance rules” to follow.  This is referred to as “Vein Care Medical Policy.”  Whether it is Blue Cross, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, Medicare, etc… they all have standards to meet before they approve payment.  If the “rules” are not followed by the doctor’s office, you’ll get 100% of the bill.

First things first…

The first thing to understand about ensuring that you have the best chance to gain insurance coverage for your disease or condition is that it is not just a “cosmetic” concern! While the symptoms of Chronic Venous Disease can be unsightly, ugly, and at times, hard to look at, that is exactly what they are…symptoms!

In order for the insurance companies to pay for your vein care, symptoms need to be documented against diagnostic ultrasound testing, and your diminished “quality of life” needs to be effectively documented.  This is done by a thorough medical exam and documentation in our Electronic Medical Record or chart.  Yes, the Center for Venous Disease offices are compliant in the EMR mandate.

The symptoms that you are experiencing are directly related to an underlying disease or condition that could be very harmful to your overall health and well-being.  Outwardly appearing changes, such as red, itchy, discolored, hard (leather-like) skin or veins that are bulging, gnarly, and dark purple to black, are medical conditions that are covered by most insurance plans.  The documentation and diagnostics tie your symptoms to diagnosis and then to a treatment plan.

Doctor Referrals

Many primary care physicians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and obstetricians don’t understand the underlying problem, even though they see patients with these symptoms every day of the week. You may or may not get the referral you need to see a trained doctor that treats this disease if your doctor doesn’t understand the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Word of caution! When you arrive at your doctor’s office, it is important that you disclose discuss, and document any pain, swelling, and any other symptoms that you are experiencing along with how it affects your quality of life.  Your doctor cannot help you with insurance issues if you only voice that it is a “cosmetic” situation.

Unfortunately, some insurance policies not only require a referral from your primary care physician, but you are also required to see a specialist “in network” or not at all.  It is important that you be persistent with your insurance company if you are required to have a referral to see an expert or “vein specialist”.

*Note – In case you were wondering, the insurance companies don’t pay the “expert” any more than any other physician. You simply get the best in your area at the same cost to you and your insurance provider.

Total Vein Care for your vein issues

At Center for Venous Disease, Total Vein Care is what we do.  CVD is in our name.  The treatment of venous disease is all we do.  We will help you every step of the way.  Your priority has to be to get into our office by scheduling an appointment, by way of a referral through your primary care physician or insurance referral, and we will take care of the rest.  Be sure to bring a list of every symptom that you are experiencing, and talk to one of our experts about treatment plans, preventives, and things you can do at home to ease the pain from your symptoms.  We are here to help.  But, keep in mind, that the disease is progressive and will get worse without treatment.  As the disease worsens, your risk for DVT increases as well.

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At the Center for Venous Disease, we make sure and train all of our staff on the insurance requirements so that you can get the best care possible!  We will work with your insurance company to help make sure you get the best treatment and the least cost to you out-of-pocket.  CVD is “In-Network” on most major plans. We won’t give up on you!

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