Compression Stocking Fittings

Compression stockings are required before and after your treatment for varicose veins. Before the procedure, most insurance companies will have you try using stockings to see if your symptoms get better to avoid having to pay for a procedure. This is called the conservative approach. After any ablation procedure, compression is required for up to 2 weeks post-procedure, which helps to reduce the risk of developing blood clots. These are fitted at our offices by trained personnel. You will receive use and care instructions from the staff. Compliance is a must as compression is an important part of the treatment.

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At the Center for Venous Disease, we make sure and train all of our staff on the insurance requirements so that you can get the best care possible!  We will work with your insurance company to help make sure you get the best treatment and the least cost to you out-of-pocket.  CVD is “In-Network” on most major plans. We won’t give up on you!

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