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Spider veins are a common cosmetic concern for men and women alike.  These veins are commonly age related but can also be associated with venous reflux, pregnancy and trauma.   While spider veins most commonly affect the lower extremities, it is not uncommon for these vessels to present on the face, particularly the cheeks and nose.

Successful treatment of spider veins involves a careful evaluation to assess for underlying vein disease.  As important as this step is, many providers simply begin cosmetic treatment.  Without first correcting the underlying disease process, the likelihood of successful cosmetic intervention is almost zero.  At the Center for Venous Disease, our board certified vein specialists provide total vein care, not just cosmetic intervention.  We have the ability to diagnose, treat and manage almost any functional or cosmetic vein issue.

The Center for Venous Disease utilizes a proven treatment method that uses vein ablation of all refluxing or diseased veins, followed by cosmetic clean up of the treated leg. This is accomplished by using cosmetic lasers which target specific size spider veins. This step is usually the last step in your treatment and may or may not be paid for by your insurance company. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to walk you through this process and help be your insurance advocate.

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At the Center for Venous Disease, we make sure and train all of our staff on the insurance requirements so that you can get the best care possible!  We will work with your insurance company to help make sure you get the best treatment and the least cost to you out-of-pocket.  CVD is “In-Network” on most major plans. We won’t give up on you!

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