For the Referring Physician

As a note to our OBGYN, primary care, doctors, NP-C, or PA’s who might be reading this; you can fit the patient with compression hose at your office and start the conservative treatment plan, thus expediting the insurance approval for the patient. Conservative treatment will help reduce edema, blood pooling, venous stasis, vessel thrombosis, leg fatigue, and may help with pain reduction. Stockings are not a cure for venous disease!

So, how do you find a doctor who treats venous disease? We receive a great number of calls at The Center for Venous Disease because we put venous disease right in our name. This was no accident as we want people to know we’re the experts in Total Vein Care in our markets.

Our number one resources for referrals are our past patients.  Second to that, are our strong relationships with referral doctors like you.  We are happy to host educational events for you or your staff as part of our commitment to treating venous disease.

We also have a great referral tool, The Physician Referral Packet which includes a FREE copy of our book detailing venous disease treatment and diagnosis, referral pads, and an introduction letter.  To receive this in your area, please call us at 623-234-2542.

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