How to Care for Your Legs

varicose vein treatment phoenix azEvery woman desires to have shapely, smooth, and hair- and varicose vein-free legs. But because most women get too busy with so many things, they tend to ignore their legs. Hence, their wish remains as that. If you want to achieve your goals pertaining to your legs, learn how to care for your legs.

Here are some suggestions to follow:

1. Shaving will make your legs smoother. Try using an electric razor or a multiple blade razor for closer shaving. You may ask your sisters, mother, friends and co-workers for the best brand to use. If the hair in your legs grows faster, you may opt to shave every day. If not, you can do it after every few days.

2. Following healthy diet, which is composed primarily of veggies and fruits, and improving your physical activities are ideal skin care treatments. They tone muscles, help lessen cellulite and make skin and body fit.

3. Some lotion products available in the market contain caffeine. These tighten your skin and therefore eliminate or reduce bulge brought by water weight. These especially work for those areas in your legs that do not get toned despite the many leg lifts that you perform everyday.

4. Formulate a natural skin care paste by combining 4 tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. Gently rub this to your legs once every week. You will be surprised to notice how your legs become smoother and silky and feel healthy. You are not aware as well but it helps stop the development of ingrown hair.

5. Gently massage your legs using almond oil. Do this each day after shower so it works as a natural moisturizer. It deeply nourishes your skin but it also helps relieve pain and minimize puffiness of tired feet and legs. This is especially good for you if you have varicose veins.

If almond oil is not available, you may apply baby oil on your skin. Regular use will result to silky smooth, baby soft skin. You may find it more comfortable to use; however, your skin may appear very shiny. The ideal time to apply this to prevent the high-gloss look is after you shower in the morning. Your legs will readily absorb baby oil.

6. Never sit under the sun for a longer period of time. Apply sunscreen lotion on your legs, particularly during summer.

7. Stay hydrated. Drink eight glasses of water every day.

8. Women cannot avoid wearing high heels, especially when attending formal events.

But you have the power to limit your use to avoid having or worsening your varicose You have to thank your mother if you have smooth and shiny legs since your childhood. You only need to maintain it. However, if you fail to do so and continue to ignore it, it is possible that you already have scars, bruises, varicose veins and others in your legs. It is time to give proper attention to your legs. Consult your dermatologist or work on some at-home care like the ones mentioned above.