How to Choose the Right Compression Stockings for Your Varicose Veins

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Dermatologists and vein specialists recommend individuals with varicose veins to wear compression stockings. These contribute in reducing symptoms and in slowing the development of varicose veins. Specifically, these help improve the flow of blood inside the veins. They are used especially by those who experience symptoms of varicose

Mild Symptoms

• Pain, fatigue, burning sensation and heaviness in the legs

• Inflammation in the ankles and feet

• Itchiness over the veins.

Serious Symptoms

• Changes in the skin – color, dryness, scaling, inflammation and others

• Puffiness of the legs

• Discomfort in the calf after sitting down or standing up for a longer period of time

• Open wounds

For very minimal symptoms, you may opt to get support from a regular panty hose or knee socks. These may ease the pain and swelling. They are affordable and available in any department store. You may also purchase compression stockings for leg inflammation in a department store or pharmacy.

Upon wearing, you must check if the pressure given by the compression stockings reduces as they move up to your legs. If not, buy a new one as they are not a good choice for your condition. Do not use elastic bandages. They are likely to affect the circulation of the blood and may make your varicose veins worse. But if your doctor tells you to do so, see to it, though, that you are properly educated on how to wrap it.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms, you must purchase compression stockings specifically designed for this condition. You can see them from medical stores but you will require the prescription of your doctor. As you try to wear a pair, you will notice that it is so tight from the feet but as you move it up to the legs, the pressure begins to minimize. Prescription compression stockings can be expensive to some (between $60 and $100 a pair) particularly because they have to buy a new one after 4 to 6 months.

You must wear your compression stockings prior to getting out of bed or your feet and legs will already swell. Okay, you may find them uncomfortable to wear because they are hot and you need to wear them during the day but considering their benefits, particularly prevention of the worsening of your varicose veins and of the possible surgery, it is pretty sure that you will gladly put them on during daytime. Your doctor will tell you if you need to still wear them overnight.

You must not wear compression stockings basing on your preference. You must always consult everything with your vein specialist. Likewise, if you have no time to go to medical store or pharmacy to buy the compression stockings that you need, you may have to order online. Just make sure that you know the specifics so you will purchase the suitable one. If you do not know any specific brand but will like to be certain that what you will have is of high quality, you can ask the help of your doctor or your friends and acquaintances.

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