How to Make Your Legs Look Good in a Skirt

varicose vein treatment azA few days from now, you will have your new job. Your boss specifically says that you will need to wear skirt to better represent the company. You leave the office worrying about what he just told you. Your legs are not skirt-ready. For one, you have varicose veins. You still have to see a vein specialist in Arizona. Another thing, they look dry. How can you possibly wear skirt with great confidence? Now, your excitement leads to anxiety. Don’t be; here are some suggestions to follow:

1. Moisturize your legs. Apply moisturizing lotion right after bath. It is at this time when the pores of your skin are open; hence, they can work more effectively. Dry your body first but make sure not to rub your skin; just pat it with a soft towel.

However, even the most trusted moisturizing product will not work better if you do not exfoliate. Remember, your skin becomes drier as you age because the bottom layer does not renew as often as before. Exfoliation is the process of eliminating dead skin cells from the skin’s upper layer. By exfoliating your skin regularly, you will make your skin look fresh and rid it of dry patches.

2. If you have varicose veins, you must address them. Consult with a vein specialist in Arizona. If you know no one, you must ask for referrals from friends and co-workers, particularly those that already sought the professional help of a vein doctor. Ask about the treatment options available for you. Similarly, inquire about the cost. You should make sure that you are financially-ready for it. If you have no funds yet, delay the procedure until you are able to raise the money you need. If you have insurance plan, you may check if it has coverage. Most insurance providers cover the said medical process because this is not only a cosmetic concern; it is a health issue.

3. For smoother legs, consider shaving them. This activity, however, depends on how much hair you have in your legs, how fast it grows back, and how much you know about it. For one, before using razor, see to it that it is clean, sharp and in good condition. Apply shaving cream as well. Look for the one that contains moisturizer as well.

For proper shaving, start of the bottom of your leg and do long strokes uphill. Never think about rushing; you are not competing with anyone. You may hurt yourself if you do. Continue the process on your feet. Rinse after you are done with one leg.

4. Use self-tanner for your legs. It evens out the color of your legs. More important, it hides imperfections like spider or varicose veins. Find a self-tanner that is easy to use. Ask for recommendations from friends.

After following the tips above, you are sure to flaunt great legs with your skirt on. Say special thanks to your vein specialist in Arizona. He made wonders with your varicose veins.