Can Men get Varicose Veins?

men varicose veinsWho doesn’t want good health and life? Yet sometimes due to our own negligence our body has to bear the brunt. Similarly our legs are our two faithful companions balancing the entire torso throughout the day. Now if not taken proper care of or attention, our legs can give out too, under immense pressure. Often related to such stress especially on the legs may lead to varicose veins. Well varicose veins are a kind of physical ailment which is caused due to the weakened valves of veins in the legs. Usually clearly visible, varicose veins show up as enlarged and twisted veins below the skin surface. Easily felt with the tip of a finger, in case of varicose veins the veins seem to be stiff and mostly appear on the legs and ankle. However though this ailment is not something serious and can be treated easily but sometimes the extremely enlarged veins can be truly painful. Still like any other ailment timely treatment of varicose veins will also limit further complications. Usually related to women and particularly pregnant women, studies have found that varicose veins can also happen to men.

It has already been mentioned earlier that this happens due to weakening of vein valves in the leg. That is as all our veins are programmed to carry blood systematically through one way towards the heart, which is maintained by the valves but if any of the valves of a vein stops working or gets weak, it results in accumulation of blood in the leg with the increasing build up of pressure. Therefore the affected vein turns dark bluish, swollen and firm with blood getting clogged inside. Now besides being an unsightly view on the leg, the throbbing pain along with burning sensation and heaviness of the leg attached to varicose veins can be immense.

Then again though this ailment is more related to a less active life and obesity, studies also say that varicose veins can run in the family besides the risk of getting varicose veins with increased age. So it is easily discernible that other than for pregnancy men can get this problem too but at a lesser percentage. A clear statistics would be something like this that out of the total population of USA who suffer from varicose veins, only 25%-30% of them are men. And while cosmetic issues may not be that much bothersome to men, still it is important to note that if symptoms say that the large swollen veins on your legs are varicose veins, it is always better to get them properly evaluated by a qualified doctor at least once. Once a vein is affected, also refrain to itch the affected place, as even a slight scratch on the vein can tear it up leading to profuse bleeding. Sometimes varicose veins may also appear due to deep vein thrombosis resulting from blockage in the deeper veins.

But the good news is that men can easily keep them away by following some easy home-remedy like propping up the legs while sitting or avoid prolonged standing positions, a change in lifestyle with adequate exercise and in certain cases, by wearing compression stockings. However if all these are not enough to provide enough comfort then there are other forms of treatment too including sclerotherapy, laser treatment, surgery, etc.