Exercises for the Perfectly Fit Legs

varicose-veinsNo doubt we all secretly desire to have an envious figure but apart from it an envious figure is nothing if your body is not fit. So without going through some difficult gym work which unfortunately due to lack of enthusiasm or time or just negligence, simply gets dropped out; let us have a look at some exercises that will at least keep your legs fit and keep away spider veins or varicose veins.

Before that, you must remember that working your legs means to keep them active so that their metabolism keeps running and your legs have enough strength to carry you. And it is necessary for both male and female to keep the legs fit. Now when we say leg, it involves the thighs and hip too because one cannot be left without the other. Thus the simple looking exercises will not keep your legs healthy but with time it will also do some magic turning them into beautiful muscular legs for men and perfectly toned up ones for the females. What you just need to make sure is that the following forms of exercises are in no way going to interfere with any of your existing medical conditions or injuries and you also need to do a little bit of warm-up exercises before attempting a vigorous routine.

Now for a fresh start and for the betterment of your legs, follow these 3 easy-to-do-at-home exercises without any need of buying additional workout apparatus.

1. Lunge: This easy exercise quite nicely involves the muscles of your legs and hips. To start, take a ‘lunge’ position keeping your chest up and the abs tight. Notice that the front knee always remains aligned with the ankle, this will help you to exercise easily and also to avoid muscle injury. Next from the lunge position, drop your back knee on the ground counting 10 seconds. And then return to your previous position by counting another 10 seconds. Repeat this process for both your right and left leg, 3 times each.

2. Squat: Nothing is as good as a simple squat for the perfectly fit legs. Just position yourself in a squatting way on the count of 10 seconds but keep notice that your knees are aligned to the ankles and your back is straight with chest up. Tighten your abs. While on the full squat mode, keep still for 02 seconds and then return to a standing position on 10 seconds. Do the squat 5 times.

3. Hands on Wall: Place your hands with palms below the shoulder level, firmly on the wall. Now using the wall as your support, press your palms on it to extend your arms and place your legs away from the wall in a comfortable position. Then slowly bend your body down increasing pressure on your right leg slightly bending it. Hold the posture for 10 seconds and then return to the comfortable position on the count of 5. Now do the same for your left leg completing a cycle of 5 bending for each leg.

Following the above mentioned exercises may not make you look li a body builder but at least they will give you  perfectly fit legs.