What are Spider Veins?

No sickness is welcomed by any – and in case, a sickness is visually upsetting it may create an extra pressure on the mind. On that context, spider veins are also a sort of ailment that if cured properly or prevented timely, would never be bothersome.

But before that, it is always good to understand the malady better. Veins as we all know are the natural roadways of our blood getting circulated throughout our body in a routinely chalked out route, although the veins may even get stressed and act weird.

This is when spider veins can appear on the surface of the skin, especially on the face and legs like little webs of reddened, blued or purplish short veins in a cluster-like manner. The jagged vein lines can however appear on a small area or on a large stretch of a patient’s skin. Now though the veins are in this case are not swollen and mostly could have gone unnoticed if not only they had been noticeable because of their appearance.

But in some sporadic cases however they may give an itching, burning or slight aching sensation. More on the subject, various studies showed that this mostly affects female patients than males.

Reasons behind

The causes behind these web-like veins mainly occur when the one-way valve of the veins that helps them to separate them internally, stops to work properly. As a result the veins may get clogged with blood creating internal pressure on the vein walls and ultimately tearing it up. This clogging may thus affect the nearby connecting veins and generate similar case of micro tears through which blood may seep out in small amount staining the vein wall which we see from outside as red, blue or purple. The factors behind such instances may happen due to hereditary causes, h

ormonal changes during pregnancy, prolonged standing, obesity, long-time exposure to sun, injury to the veins etc.

Symptoms & signs

Now spider vein symptoms largely depend on its appearance, characteristics and sensations. If the tiny reddened vein clusters mostly appears on the thigh, ankle or pelvic region and is showing colors of red, blue or purple; there is a high chance that the next spider vein symptoms will match too. In characteristics, the veins appear just below the skin surface like tree-branch appearance and may not be that swollen to be felt by the touch of a finger.

However from absolute absence of sensation to slight tingling near the affect vein cluster or tiredness in the limb(s) involved may also be felt.

But whether a patient really has got the ailment or not is the task of a qualified doctor to understand the spider vein signs. They usually include the following signs:

• The patient whether male or female is both usually above the age of 18.

• The diameter of the affected veins may be 1mm or less.• A spider-web like sunburst patterns of the veins have appeared on the leg or facial area.

• It may also appear like a purple patch after injury which did not get paler with time.

Still if such spider vein signs are diagnosed, a patient needs not to worry as depending on the spread of such strained veins, there are a number of natural cures to laser treatment or Sclerotherapy/ injection therapy available for them. But the best way is of course to prevent it by having healthy diet, reduced body weight, exercise, less exposure to sun and healthy lifestyle.