Does Weather Affect Varicose Veins?

Many health problems get better or worse depending on the weather. While this was once considered an old wives’ tale, medical professionals now recognize that issues such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and other weather factors absolutely affect the human body in a multitude of ways. People with varicose veins may notice that their health issues, like many health issues, appear to change with the seasons.

Does Weather Affect Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are usually not symptomatic, but this can change in warm weather. When the weather is warm, people with this condition may notice that their legs feel heavy or full. In addition, there may be swelling, especially at the ankles, as well as some cramping. If people already have these symptoms, they may notice that the symptoms become worse when the weather is warm.

Many people decide not to wear their compression stockings on hot days, which can certainly explain symptoms getting worse. However, even those who are not prescribed stockings often notice a worsening of symptoms.

How Do the Seasons Affect Varicose Veins?
Warm weather affects the circulatory system of the body in several ways. First, it dilates veins, especially the veins close to the skin surface where varicose veins most often occur. The dilation can make chronic venous insufficiency, and other problems that cause varicose veins, get even worse. This in turn makes the varicose veins become worse and thus have more symptoms.

Second, people sweat when they are hot. This loss of salt can disrupt the body’s fluid balance and make it difficult for veins to pull fluid from tissues. Because veins are the most important way that fluid in cells is recycled to the heart, this leads to fluid build-up in the legs and ankles. This fluid accumulation around varicose veins can make symptoms worse.

Managing Varicose Veins in All Weather
There are a variety of ways to manage varicose veins, from exercise to compression stockings to medical therapies such as scleropathy. If varicose veins become uncomfortable or unbearable during warm weather, it is time to seek the care you deserve.

While varicose veins can be an uncomfortable and unattractive issue; there is hope. There are many different treatments that can lessen or even completely get rid of varicose veins. There is no need to suffer in any kind of weather. Get a screening today to see if you have a problem with your veins, and how we can help you manage and treat it.