Does Varicose Veins Treatment Leave Scars?

Varicose veins occur under the skin for many different reasons. There are a number of treatments for varicose veins. These treatments include stripping, lasers, sclerotherapy, as well as possible home remedies. With each varicose veins treatment option, a common concern is whether or not the treatment will leave scars.

Stripping is one of the oldest varicose veins treatments. When the stripping procedure takes place, an initial cut is made into the groin of the patient. A second cut is made just below the knee area. Through the cut in the groin, the offending vein is located and a wire is passed through the vein downwards to strip the vein. It is then tied off. The stripping procedure has been said to be quite painful and has several aftereffects. The aftereffects include thrombosis, bleeding, infection, and bruising. Stripping leaves patients with two visible scars, the scar in the groin area being considerably large.

Alternatively, laser surgery for varicose veins is available. When this procedure takes place, the laser sends out a burst of concentrated light into the offended vein. The vein then collapses underneath the skin. The surgery causes light discomfort with the sting of the laser, but the skin cools rather quickly and there is no other documented pain associated. A vast improvement over stripping; this procedure is stated to leave no scar at all.

Sclerotherapy treatment is recommended most often for smaller varicose veins. During this procedure, a solution is injected into the offending vein directly. This solution causes the vein to scar and ultimately collapse. The collapsing of a vein causes the blood to find a healthier route in which to flow. The veins that collapse are then reabsorbed into the local tissue and eventually fade. Varicose veins fade completely within weeks and on occasion, may take up to a month. Rarely multiple treatments are needed to experience full absorption. A favorite among both doctors and patients; this varicose veins treatment leaves absolutely no scar.

Home remedies for varicose veins reduce pain, but do not cure or treat them. While some of these home remedies will leave you with no scarring; you’ll also still be left with visible varicose veins.

The best solution and varicose veins treatment is with a visit to a physician or vein specialist at The Center for Venous Disease. There you’ll receive proper diagnosis of your symptoms and be given a varicose veins treatment solution to fit your needs.