How to Keep Your Veins Healthy

Keeping your veins healthy is important to your overall good health because veins perform an essential function, carrying deoxygenated blood from your tissues back to your heart. If you want good heart health, then keeping your veins healthy is a vital part of your daily health regimen. There are several steps you can take in order to enjoy healthy veins.

Maintaining your weight and avoiding excess pounds helps keep veins healthy because it eliminates having fat place pressure on vein walls and valves, resulting in a condition called varicose veins that can be painful. Make it a practice to always wear sunscreen to protect your skin whenever you are in sunlight. This is especially important for the health of facial veins which can be very delicate.

You can strengthen your veins by doing exercises on a regular basis that tone and strengthen your muscles. Regular exercise helps to improve the circulation of blood flowing through your veins. Commit to participating in such cardiovascular exercises as cycling, running or walking on a daily basis if you want to strengthen your veins.

Avoid sitting or standing for long periods in the same position without taking a break. When sitting, avoid crossing your legs as this places too much pressure on your veins. Avoid wearing very tight clothing that can constrict your circulation. Wearing support hose or compression stockings can be helpful in reducing achiness if you suffer from varicose veins in your legs. As often as possible, wear low-heeled shoes or flats to promote better blood circulation throughout your legs.

The quality of your diet can directly influence the health of your veins. There are certain vitamin and mineral supplements, along with natural herbs, that have proven to be effective in promoting good vein health. There include zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, butcher’s broom and gotu kola.

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