How can I prevent Varicose Veins?

The veins of our body that so dutifully performs the blood circulation throughout our body can sometimes create discomfort and illness too. It happens that all these veins have a one way valve to adjust the blood flow in a routinely manner.

However if one of these valves somehow starts to function improperly then the bulging of the internal blood pressure can create blood clogging in the nearby veins too resulting in varicose veins. Mostly appearing on the legs, the varicose veins tends to swollen and enlarge the affected veins which is clearly visible from the skin surface as a twisted and stiffened cord like appearance with a bluish or reddish tinge or simply flesh-colored.

Now no matter how horrid the description may seem, preventing varicose veins is easy with just a few careful tips.  So as we all know the proverb that prevention is better than cure, following the subsequently presented ways will of course ensure the prevention of varicose veins:

1. Maintain a healthy diet: Studies show that food items that are rich in fiber and less in salt help the painful ailment not to bother you.  So eat a lot of fresh fruits and keep away from the salty packed potato chips. Having a measured dose of vitamin C or enriched food also helps in protecting and growth of healthy blood vessels.

2. Care for your leg: Exercise is the mantra to strengthen your legs along with its blood circulation and veined pathways. Give rest to your legs too in case you are standing for a long time, shift your balance, walk around a bit to keep the blood flowing freely.  Besides avoid crossing your legs for a longer period in case you are seated for your office work or study or anything.  Try to be on lower heeled shoes for your leg’s comfort and also keep your feet slightly elevated while sitting in times of pregnancy.

3. Keeping a proper body weight: Our two legs are our support zone. On them they are carrying your bulk.  So please give them a little relaxation by controlling the body weight and keeping it proportioned to your age and height. Definitely your body will thank you by preventing varicose veins to appear.  So avoid high calorie food for at least your leg’s sake.

4. Back off from high-estrogen contraceptives: Studies show that birth control pills with high estrogen quantity increases risks of getting varicose veins.  Thus better be away from the catalyst.

5. Wear comfortable clothing: Avoid tight fitting clothes as they may tend to block vein paths by creating some external pressure on your veins.  Just enjoy the breezy feel of wearing light, well fitted clothes that just don’t tend to suffocate your body  parts.

6. Quit Smoking: Nobody has ever benefitted from this addiction so just stop as smoking has direct link in raising blood pressure.

Beside all the above mentioned ways, prevention of varicose veins also requires a little more than that. As we all know very well that all our body parts are connected and the one thing that is keeping it full of energy is our bloodline. So running common throughout our body like a gigantic roadway, this bloodline can be affected in case we do not keep the other important body parts in check. Thus it is imperative that we take care of our cardiovascular system, the liver as the venous blood flows through it, and our lungs where the blood gets its oxygen.