Welcome to the Treatments page. These are not necessarily all the treatments available to you when looking at treating Chronic Venous Disease and/or other vein or leg issues. This is to be used for educational purposes so that you, the patient, can educate yourself on what is out there? What treatments are available? What are the risks involved? What the recovery time is, and much more? An informed patient is our best patient. In addition, doctor expertise and technology go hand-in-hand to give you the best quality outcome for the treatments we offer. Rest assured that our doctors are highly trained, double and triple board certified physicians, with ultrasound experience, and thousands of procedures completed with a 98.7% clinical outcome (vein occlusion of targeted vessel).

The Center for Venous Disease will take a conservative approach to your leg issues focusing on the underlying cause first, then the cosmetic issues secondarily. Venous disease is complicated. But, with the right doctors, staff, and Sonographers, we can easily diagnose, treat, and provide a good outcome to you. Most insurance companies require a conservative approach before procedures or treatments can be completed. As an important part of the process, patient compliance is needed along the way. A non-compliant patient who does not follow the doctor’s orders will not have the outcome that we are all striving for. So, treatment success relies on the patient as well as the doctor’s expertise. Understanding the treatment protocol and the post-procedure instructions will help you go far in your return to having healthy, happy, legs.

Additional education materials are available to you as a patient of CVD. Varicose Veins…A Patient’s Reference was written and published by our Founder, James A. Heinz-MAHA, as is available to you at our offices or online. Patient brochures in English and Spanish and procedure information are available at each location. Each location also has trained staff to assist you with information related to the procedure and want to help you understand all aspects of your care. Please review the information provided, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


These are not necessarily all the procedures that can be performed to treat Chronic Venous Disease and/or other vein issues, nor do the doctors at the Center for Venous Disease perform all of these procedures. This is to be used for educational purposes so that you, the patient, can educate yourself on what is out there; what procedures are available, what are the risks involved, what the recovery time is, and much more. We at the Center for Venous Disease want you to be enlightened so that when the time comes for you to go in for an appointment, at the Center for Venous Disease or elsewhere, you know what questions to ask and what the answers should be in regards to what procedure is right for you!

We recommend the Office Procedure Room as the Point of Service rather than Hospital Outpatient or Operating Room for most vein procedures. This requires proper training, support staff, ultrasound accreditation, proper investment in safety equipment and devices used in procedures, and an insurance liaison that can help you understand your policy.

Below we have given you the names of procedures and the possible location that the procedure or surgery is performed. It is important that you note the “Point of Service” as this will help you identify quickly if the procedure to be performed is surgical by nature, and requires an operating room – which generally means general anesthesia and long recovery times – or if it is a procedure that can be done at your doctor’s office, or in an out-patient setting where there is no general anesthesia needed and much quicker recovery times.