You may have found our website by researching symptoms that you have been experiencing, desperate to find an answer for the pain, swelling, and discomfort that comes from having Chronic Venous Disease.  Click here for a list of symptoms… and you are now asking the question….why me?

Unfortunately, Venous Disease is something that can attack anyone, at any time.  It is not a disease that cares about race, age, or gender – although it is more prominent with pregnant women or women who have carried to full-term – and there are many risk factors associated with it that can include your personal history, your family history, and your lifestyle choices.

Every year, millions of people suffer from Venous Disease, which is also commonly referred to as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), Varicose Veins, impaired musculovenous pump, and venous disease.  CVI is a medical condition that causes your veins to become weakened, and leads to them being unable to pump the blood from the lower extremities back up to your heart.  Read more about Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Many people suffer every year from CVI.  Here are some frightening statistics that can help you understand just how prominent the disease is in the United States of America.

  • Experts estimate the prevalence of CVD at 50-80 million.
  • Conservative estimates include 25 million Americans with varicose veins.
  • Approximately 40% of the population will experience some form of venous disease
  • 50% will experience pain associated with the symptoms
  • 20-30% of women will have significant life altering consequences related to venous disease
  • 15-20% of men will have clinical significance
  • Billions of dollars every year are lost due to the loss of worker productivity
  • American companies pay tremendously for this disease
  • This disease is progressive and will only worsen without treatment and intervention by a trained doctor.
  • This disease can affect ANYONE!

Risk Factors Associated with CVI

The risk factors associated with CVI are age, gender, family history, multiple pregnancies, obesity, and/or a sedentary lifestyle or profession, which includes long periods of standing or sitting.  If you have a family history of CVI and are living a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle, your risks may increase.

To find out what possible condition you may have, take our Self-Assessment which will guide you through a series of questions related to the symptoms you are experiencing, combined with your risk factors.

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